Friday, 6 March 2009

A dry riverbed

the black rubicon sits silently
by my bedside, quietly waiting
unheeded, saturated of silence
the texts that never arrive
the yearning sent out into the aether

unmatched, a lonesome soliloquy
words without imprint
a substance without effect

I scream out and tear into the face of God
pithily silent
the weight of absence slowly descends
so I learn presence

moments noticed, kept
stored in the archive of distant hope
from which, lost, I try not to mope

but at last, furtively shone
as batteries drained, electricity gone
I finally collapse,
a discarded broken toy

the earth descends,
in soil I rust
in truth I slip
in trust, I must
for without which
I am but a sound without voice.


Kraxpelax said...

Unreadable Heidegger is GOS. Dig Max Regher and discover Kurt Atterbergf's Dollar Symphony.

Kraxpelax said...

Ah, GOS is GOD, of course.
Perhaps you would appreciate my wallpaper art on Ping Desktop / Laptop Wallpapers:
Heavily Babe oriented, I guess it's mostly for men.
Gender neutral, and certainly no less important to me is my poetry on Single Swingle:
And here you find glimpses of my personal philosophy:
- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

Aren O. Týr said...

Peter, thank you very much for you fascinating links.

Consider your poetry and philosophy blogs blogrolled! The screenfonds blog, meanwhile, is, um..., certainly nice on a single man's eyes! But perhaps, too, a sweet torture. You'll know what I mean.

There is quite a lot on both of those blogs, so I'll have a read and comment at some point over next few days.

By the way.

Interesting that you have randomly contacted me now, because at the end of this very month I will be in Sweden for three weeks. I shall indeed be visiting Stockholm, amongst other places.

It is a city I'd love to live in. It is a city that would make sense to me. There is something about Scandinavia that makes sense to me; I feel it in my blood.

Perhaps, why, the only significant real love in my life, for 6 years, was a Swedish woman. Probably the only woman that really knows me, and even more importantly, the only woman that has ever really wanted to know me.

Oh - and can I say that I love your "Sonnets for Katie" epic poem[s].

I read it - and actually, understand completely, in fact, I know.

Heidegger, as bewildering as he is, is actually at his most readable when he becomes unreadable.

His is the language of that which cannot be accurately described by language.

Will look into the Atterberg symphony. Interesting enough, a complete set of Atterberg's symphonies on the CPO label is on my buying list. I love discovering little known and neglected composers.

dianne said...

Beautiful but sad prose is like marking time when we want to love and need to be just passes us by. ♥

I only found your comment today, thanks for the link to Lacuna Coil, I really enjoyed the music.
Here is a link for you Tanita Tikaram I hope you enjoy the song. ♥

Aren O. Týr said...

Thank you Dianne for all the kind words of encouragement on my last few posts/poems. I know what you mean by "life is like marking time". An appropriate expression.

I enjoyed the subdued pathos of that Tanita Tikaram song - powerful video, too.