Thursday, 5 March 2009

These four walls

Sometimes, you don't even get the opportunity for words.

Am I but a fool, wandering aimlessly?

Love, where hast thou departed to?


Indyeah said...

hey!why so glum?cheer up Aren:)
did a loved one disappear?

On a lighter note you will be a certified poet by the end of this phase:))

Aren O. Týr said...

Not exactly... But "you have mail", so that should clarify things Indyeah.

Yes, lets hope that this phase doesn't last till the end of my life though, lol! ;-)

Triana said...

Most of the time, words do you no good anyway, so the opportunity would be wasted anyway. Forgive me if I am harsh right now?

There are many things I want to say about your previous blogs, but my words come out so angry at this moment in time.

Triana said...

I needed to add this because when I reread my original comment it sounded misleading; my anger & hurt obviously have nothing to do with you, Aren. It's merely the point in my life where I have crashed, again. Unwillingly. Your words though, are the source of my few smiles... and I thank you for that.

Aren O. Týr said...

Thank you Triana.

It is good to know, that on this planet someone else is in the same alien place.

I have to believe that words must do me some good one day.

Without words, what would I have left?


And who would be there to share the silence with me? Perhaps just the root of my very being.

But I'd rather share that silence with someone else - a shared self-knowledge.

dianne said...

Sorry you are so sad and I apologise for being remiss in my visits here, I have missed so many of your posts.

Yes it would be nice to have someone within touching and holding distance to share one's words with or just the silence.

I am in that place too I'm so tired of being hurt and alone, sometimes life seems pointless. ♥