Tuesday, 12 May 2009

As dust through my fingers

And so, yes, I have not written anything recently on this blog. In truth I have been suffering a profound lack of energy, so much so that writing anything here has seemed like too much effort. Even believing in change (for the better) seems like an enormous effort at the moment. Instead, I feel like I live a life in stasis, one where I lack the willpower and belief to ever change anything.

Each summer, just like the last.



findingmywingsinlife said...

And so it seems we all have these times in our lives in which we wonder whether our effort is worth it in its own right, eventually life reminds us of its value and we are reminded of ourselves once again and thus our motivations that enable us to act.

dianne said...

Sorry you are feeling down, depression saps our creative energy and our will to do anything...
we just seem to exist.
You have to believe that life will get better so dont give up, look for the simple things that do make you happy no matter how insignificant they may seem,we have to find the fulfillment from within, any happiness we get from others is just a bonus. ♡

dianne said...

I hope you're OK Aren? ♡

Mr. Mcknob said...

I have been there. Kinda. Everyone has down times and each is different. I watch a comedy or surround myself with friends cutting up when I am trying to get out of my rut.

Nice blog. Keep on keepin' on.