Friday, 12 June 2009

Banner change #2 to #3

New banner time!

Old banner (#2):

New banner (#3):

This photo was taken in Karlstad, Sweden. In the three weeks I was there during April, I experienced nearly 4 seasons: it was -2C and snowing when I arrived (which was when this photo was taken), and on the final day it was sunny, warm, and around +17C!


dianne said...

Gosh that does look cold. ♡

Anonymous said...

Welcome back friend:))It is nice to see you back after ages:))
and the new banner looks really nice and very very cold specially in Delhi's sweltering summers:))

dianne said...

Hi Aren, havent seen you in quite a while, I hope you are keeping well and that things are good with you.
Take care, just checking on you. ♡

Anonymous said...

Hi, I began following your blog recently, and have found it a quite insightful and perceptive, unusual in the blogosphere. Hope you've not quit blogging, although I know things happen.

Aren O. Týr said...

Fear not, the blog is very much alive, just had a period of dormancy. Sometimes I go through phases where I don't feel like communicating anything to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Understood, of course. Glad to see you back though.