Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A choice

As seems to be my whim, I have slipped into my usual summer blogging hiatus. In any case, looking back, the first thing that strikes me is the double irony of my last post ("Daring to reveal"); the irony being, that in reality, virtually no one particularly cares, so any "insights into one's soul" - to use that quixotic catechism - really do not apply.

I find it continually interesting how rather than possessing a stable I, a stable immutable identity, instead identity seems to be an ongoing construction: there is a fundamental foundation, a root, as it were, but upon that the elaborate infrastructure of who you are seems to shift. At least it does for me, and indeed, as reflected in my blogging habits, it does so even on a seasonal basis. Perhaps one of the satisfying things is how all the aspects of oneself can simultaneously diverge/deepen (or can do) and yet retain their cohesion.

In the months that have passed since my last post here, a great deal has changed in my circumstances. Overwhelmingly though, by far the most important change is that I have finally stopped prognosticating and focused my energies into one choice, one career path.

Sometimes it can be a simple matter of a mistaken belief being shattered. For whatever reason, I'd come to the belief that one qualified and registered as a Personal Trainer, that unless you continued to accrue continuous professional development (CPD) points you could not remain active on the register. Once your two year window had expired, if you hadn't added any fresh points, I'd thought your position was lost.

I qualified some years ago, but let it go dormant, for various complicated reasons I won't dwell on here.

Well, this isn't the case, so I am now once again registered as a Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist. I have now renewed this career path with great vigor; I still possess all my training materials, and I have refinanced my money with the bank (something I should have done an age ago, in any case). I have bought fresh equipment and just taken delivery of a massage table. Excitingly, I am going on a Kettlebell course this Saturday so will then be certified to train people with those. I am doing a boxing course in October. I will transition from my current job to a suitable job with a gym in due course; alternatively/additionally,
I will start to build up private one-to-one tuition. I am currently debating redirecting some of my money into getting car and driving lessons and attempting to go private immediately, rather than attached to a gym. There are different trade offs to both which need to be carefully considered.